S-CASE Blog | Towards the design of user friendly search engines for software projects

In our latest blog S-CASE Project Coordinator, Andreas Symeonidis, takes us through the world of search engines for software projects as we take a deep dive into making software development more user friendly.

Usually, when developers begin the planning and designing of software they find they have too few appropriate tools that enable them to reuse the optimal set of functional requirements and well engineered software modules which satisfy said requirements.

In Toward the design of user friendly search engines for software projects we suppose that were such tools available and this information properly stored, developers would be able to access other Software Engineers’ solutions to similar projects and could reuse them as off-the-shelf components, or could adjust them to their own needs.

Taking this argument one step further, one could argue that such “search engine: for software projects could be interactive, allowing users to progressively identify the required software contructs, and adaptable, in order to increase its knowledge base. Question Answering (QA) systems could provide the means to realise such search engines, given that they illustrate these types of features.

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