S-CASE Blog | Importing UML Activity Diagrams

One of the main goals of the S-CASE project is to extract requirements from formal models such as UML diagrams. In order to achieve this goal, a robust mechanism for the transformation of formal UML models into the S-CASE ontology is needed.

CERTH has recently focused on applying image recognition techniques and algorithms for the detection and recognition of UML Activity Diagrams representing workflows of stepwise activities and actions.
This process imposes research challenges such as the detection and recognition of the UML glyphs, as well as the recognition and discrimination of the text contained in the diagram. The prototype tool that has been developed analyses UML Activity Diagrams of bmp, jpg and png image formats and produces the XMI scheme representing the original Activity Diagram.

The produced XMI scheme is compliant with the Eclipse Papyrus open source platform, thus the S-CASE user may apply corrections in case of recognition errors through a graphical interface. Future work will be focused the production of a tool that effectively recognises UML Use Case diagrams. These two tools will be wrapped as a single Eclipse plugin and will be available to the Eclipse modelling community.

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