S-CASE Blog | S-CASE presented at the Smart City Exhibition 2015

In today’s blog we look at how the S-CASE project was presented at the Smart City Exhibition (SCE2015) in Bologna, Italy during a very successful 3 days conference.

In a context where data become the primary source of knowledge and sharing in the inter-connected smart cities of the future, software services are the representation of the elaboration of these data and then are the building blocks of smart cities.

S-CASE can simplify the re-use of software artefacts and services for all the stockholders of the smart cities. For example, Public Administrations and Local Organizations can use the S-CASE platform to discover, in a simple way, Software services and applications already well adopted by other Public Administrations, thus reducing costs and efforts in re-developing, from scratch, already existing solutions.

Furthermore, SMEs can exploit S-CASE to find and integrate available services into their business processes in order to create added value services for their customers.

This is the point of view of Davide Tosi, researcher at University of Insubria and one of the scientist involved in the S-CASE project, which presented S-CASE at SCE2015.

Do you speak Italian? Want to know more about S-CASE at SCE2015?

The video of the whole session can be found below (Davide Tosi’s speech starts at 1h28m and ends at 1h38m)

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