S-CASE Blog | Software Requirements: A new Domain for Semantic Parsers

We recently got a research paper on our work in S-CASE accepted at a workshop on semantic parsing. We propose to automatically map software requirements written in natural language to formal representations, with the goal of reducing emerging problems such as ambiguity and incompleteness. As first steps towards this goal, we present an initial data set of requirements and describe an ontology for representing them conceptually.

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S-CASE Blog | S-CASE On The Web

S-CASE has been making a bit of a splash since we launched in 2013. Hear to what they’ve been saying about us (in Greek!)

The S-CASE project makes it into Newsbeat.gr
Tο ερευνητικό έργο S-CASE θα παρέχει σε εταιρείες λογισμικού μια σειρά από εργαλεία.

S-CASE in Nooz – the “E-search engine to create software”
e-μηχανή αναζήτησης για τη δημιουργία λογισμικού

S-CASE on the AUTH news site
“In order to reduce the time required between the conception of an idea and the final implementation of a software service, leading to cheaper services, the European research project S-CASE, coordinated by AUTH and CERTH”