S-CASE Blog | GiftCase Use Case

In today’s blog, S-CASE partners Ericsson Nicola Tesla discuss the role that GiftCase will play in utilising the S-CASE platform.

Okay, so imagine the following scenario:

Ewan is notified of his cousin’s Delilah’s birthday tomorrow. He launches the GifCase application on his smartphone and browses through list of recommended gifts she might like. After selecting a song she’s likely to enjoy the application notifies Ewan that Delilah is currently in roaming and is not able to use data traffic. Ewan decides to proceed with the purchase as Delilah will be back home soon and receive the gift once she’s back online. Ewan is charged for the purchased song via his telco’s bill and is pleased he didn’t have to give away his credit card information.“

How does GiftCase work?

GiftCase solution is an application consisting of mobile front-end and server back-end. The front-end part may be an Android application enabling choosing and purchasing gifts in a few clicks. Of course, the Android application will also notify the receiver of the gift. The back-end server prepares the personalized list of gifts for a specified receiver and gift class. In order to perform the personalization, it may use 3PP services (e.g. Facebook) for retrieving (a subset of) mentioned user data.

Since the solution is easily upgradeable, more 3PP services can be employed and added in the course of development; this would greatly improve utilization of user’s data at the operator’s network with his/her data at a 3PP service provider such as Facebook, LinkedIn or LastFM.


And that is the beauty of using S-CASE. The easy upgrading allows for better use of the user data in the application of the service and more closely aligns these benefits with the social network being used.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how S-CASE can help developers rapidly prototype web services then you can get in touch and request a demo today.